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Friday, 15 July 2011

AscentRanks Internet Marketing Agency

AscentRanks Internet Marketing Agency

AscentRanks is an internet marketing agency based at Bangalore, India with industrial experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) services. We guide our customers to improve their online presence, attract more customers and business. We help you make your website search engine friendly through white hat SEO techniques that would provide you a high rank in search results; hence more brand value and business.

AscentRanks has a good team of web marketing experts with years of experience in search engine and social media marketing, who are able to analyze, correct and optimize the website contents through on-page as well off-page SEO methods. These web promotion techniques will make your website high in search engine ranks, and grab the attention your customers who are looking for services. Having a high rank in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Big and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is very vital to business.

Good rank in search engine results for a website means high visible the website to customers who are searching for services and products that you deliver, will drive attention of potential customers and hence more business in a cost effective way.

 Why SEO is important for your business?

Websites are a good source of income if managed properly with quality content and white hat SEO techniques, which can provide you more business online. Moreover that, marketing your business online has a great influence and reach on your customers than the traditional marketing techniques. Today as per the latest statistics there are around 19 billion indexed web pages on the web and the number of internet users is reaching 2 billion and it is growing exponentially.

Businesses from all sizes, from start-ups to corporate are today increasingly using online marketing methods to leverage the potential of web and find it much more effective in terms of cost and revenue. The success of social networking sites also terribly increased the use of Internet for marketing business. Among these billions of websites orbiting around the World Wide Web, how can your website grab the attention of customers who are looking for your products or services? That implicates the use of search engine optimization techniques to you website. Well planned online marketing methods can keep your website at high rank in search engines.

Have you started thinking about increasing your web presence? Do you have a plan to sell your products and services online? Then don’t worry, you are not at all late. Contact us for your SEO requirements, we will provide you cheap SEO packages that would suit your business as well as your pocket.

Firoz Muhammed is the author of this comprehensive article, who is a Social Media Enthusiast and a writer on internet marketing and related topics. He is a successive blogger and expert in search engine, social networking and other social media tools.Works as a consultant for an SEO Company based in Bangalore  You can reach him on his mail id: firozct@gmail.com


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