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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Benefits of using Social Media Optimization in business

Benefits of using Social Media Optimization in business

                Social media is growing day by day and customers become more glued to the news and updates coming on social networking sites, which help the social media to grow further. As a business owner, you cannot block its overwhelming growth nor hide what is being told about your products and services online. Only thing what we can do is leverage it for your business, use it to promote your services to the customers, interact with the customers real-time and increase chance to retain them, increase your brand image etc.
Below listed some of the benefits of using social media optimization that I found useful for a business:

1.       Link Generation:
Through SMO techniques you can generate thousands of inbound links for your web site in a very less time. This rapidly spreads the awareness about your business on the web and hence more potential customers.

2.       Establish Brand Equity:
SMO techniques allow you build a good brand image online. As more and more users get to know about your web site, your brand gains power and popularity, and thus you earn that cutting edge over the competitors.

3.       Increased Web Traffic:
The amount of web traffic to your website incredibly increases in a very short span of time with proper SMO implementation. It is the cheapest way of driving more potential customers to your website and it will make the website popular which further motivates more internet users to browse through it.

4.       Increased customer base:
More traffic volume to your website means more chances of conversions online and increased customer base for your business. Well planned SMO techniques would allow you to convert traffic into good long time potential customer base.

5.       Easy to implement and Cost effective:
The beauty of SMO is that this online marketing method cost you much less amount when compared to other marketing media and at the same time does need less effort and time to implement. It’s affordable yet very effective.

6.       Faster and Higher ROI:
SMO gives you quick and high returns on the investments. Within a short duration, you can realize your business is start booming.

7.       Lessen the Risk:
With SMOs, the risk regarding ROI reduces as you do not completely rely on Search Engines to drive traffic to your web site.

8.       Results can be easily Measured:
The benefits or returns generated by the SMO techniques can be easily quantified and measured. Today lots of vendors are providing free as well paid tools which measure the effectiveness the quality of SMO work that you done for your site with great precision.

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About the Author
Firoz Muhammed is the author of this comprehensive article on benefits of Social Media in business, he is Social Media Enthusiast and writer on digital media topics. He is a blogger and expert in SEO, SMO and SEM techniques.  You can reach out to him on his mail id: firozct@gmail.com @AscentRanks an seo company India

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